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About Us



Culture & Social Learning

Are you ready to embark on a linguistic and cultural journey like no other?

Culture & Social Learning is an innovative and interactive English language class that caters to mixed ages and levels, with a primary focus on using English in a natural and expressive way.

Kikokushijo Japan

An all new course for students returning to Japan!

When families return to Japan after living overseas, their children may struggle to stay up with schoolwork and acquire English.

Kikokushijo Japan is a course designed to help families with children who have started their education outside of the country and are returning to Japan.


English Speaking Doctors and Nurses

Be the best medical professional you can be with moTVate's new English Speaking Doctors and Nurses certificate program.

Learn hundreds of medical terms from native English speakers living in Japan.

Cooking with Jerry

An all new course for students returning to Japan!

Follow us on Youtube to see our latest cooking videos.


Children's Books

An all new course for students returning to Japan!

Jerry P. Hanus, a talented emerging author, hones his writing craft for children's books in this captivating series named Silly Billy Adventures.

Jerry challenges himself to be another kind of writer for children's books. His primary work is teaching kids, which they often find exciting and engaging. In addition, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys the idea of business with kids.